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Kalle's are one of a kind, they have a big booty and they usually have big boobs. They love to makeout, there great kissers. there excellent huggers, they'll kiss you even if your the same gender. there loud and they love hanging out with friends. they absolutely adore Eddie's(: kalley's willl even hug strangers, they dont really care what other people think of them so the'll say whats on there ,ind in front of your face. Kalley's are fighter's they'll beat your ass anyday just because they feel like it. they dont care if they get in trouble there not worried about getting in trouble. and there very popular and sexy.
Thug: Did you meet that chick kalley?
Guy: man everybody knows her for her ass, she's so thick.
by Eddiey August 08, 2009
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Kalley's are very smart and intelligent, they are sweet whenever they want to be, they have thick skin and don't take a lot too personal, but if you break them don't expect to ever talk to them again. Kalley's are people that always need attention and need to to know where you're at, they will show you what you want to see in any human being. Girls by the name of Kalley really enjoy attention and sometimes a lot of drama, always trying to be who they are inside, they never paint a picture that's incorrect about them, in other words they are who they say they are. On occasions Kalley's can be big snitches and fake as fuck if you ever see this side and you still like her best to give it up
Guy: did you see Kalley today?

Guy2: yeah she's super sweet
by Stranger 121 February 24, 2019
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Kalley is a young girl who brightens your day like nobody else. She loves roses and her french bulldogs. She is very smart and king but not afraid to fight if you make her mad. She is dating a dude named jared who doesnt deserve her kalley please leave him and run away with me!
mckenna: Kalley we should go out
kalley: no you know im straight!
jared: bruh
by Yay party January 17, 2020
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