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A person who exhibits behaviors and tendencies normally associated with both 'Bros' and bohemians (or 'hipsters'); a person who does not consistently self-select into either of these categories; a person whose nightly reading includes both Pitchfork and Men's Health; a person whose knowledge of and emotional investment in the careers of Bruce Willis and Ingmar Bergman are equally thoroughgoing.
After exchanging artisanal cheese recipes and discussing some of the more evocative lyrics from Neutral Milk Hotel's minor works, the brohemians argued over what Michael Bay film to stream on Netflix, finally resolving the matter with a pull-up contest.
by Bobro May 05, 2011
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combination of bro + bohemian. AKA "Brobo". Brohemians are a sad half-caste lot of bros rejected from bro scene proper for unathleticism or some other unbroish trait, or are trying to scam on café chicks because all the sor chicks are beat, and so have taken to wearing banana republic, scarves, drinking novice coffee and page periscoping (scoping chicks over the top of intellectual looking books, grabbed at random, sometimes held upside down)
Coked-out Hipster: Man, this café used to be down but now it's all brohemians with laptops. it looks like a glowing apple orchard in there.
by thiudans November 21, 2006
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A guy who is really into being an easy-going liberal. He wears sandels/flip-flops even when it's cold out and constantly calls people "bro".
"I was thinking about going to Stanford but then I visited and that place is full of brohemians!"
by Just Steve May 14, 2007
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Variation of the word brother combined with the term bohemian. Used to denote a close affiliate.
Wadrake, brohemian?

Yo, how's it going, brohemian?
Chillin' dawg, just lampin' it.
by Jaseem Al-Francoix June 04, 2005
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A person of considerable sub-Saharan African ancestry who is also a member of the subculture of eccentrics known as bohemians (please see definition) is known colloquiALLY AS A BROHEMIAN. CAPS LOCK LOLZ.
sup brohemian my brohemian compatriot in brohemianosity (if you will excuse such a constructed word)
by skundelkraftiano April 12, 2007
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