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When a girl with a badonkadonk i.e. a voluptuous behind decides to dress up and/or behave in a way that accentuates her assets and draws attention to herself, she is said to be badonkin'.
Man, did you see Emily at the club last night? She be badonkin'!

This skirt is just the right length for me to be badonkin' tonight girlfriend!

Mate, your girlfriend's such a ho. She was all up in my face last night badonkin' and shit. I had to hit her with a spoon.
by Banerjeehad October 24, 2010
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A B cube refers to a rotund woman who must possess 3 essential qualities - big boobs, a big butt and a big belly. Since these 3 qualities all start with the letter 'B', she is therefore known as a B cube or a B cuber.
Jesus, Dan sure attracts those B cubers at the club!

Did you see the B cube Dan got with last night? She was oozing oil on the dancefloor!

Man, I wish my girlfriend was a B cube, just like Dan's!
by Banerjeehad October 23, 2010
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Any song sung by bros on a night of drinking at the pub/club/bar or even at a house party. Usually loud, obnoxious and very slurred, Brohemian Raphsodies have known to cause great annoyance and frustration to all non-participants in the vicinity who are within audible range.
Hey man, you know that song Don't Stop Believing by Journey? True brohemian raphsody man!

Dude we were doing this brohemian raphsody at the pub last night and this waitress came up and asked us to shut it. What a bitch!

There were these drunk fuckers outside my window last night singing some brohemian raphsody, so I threw puke on them.
by Banerjeehad October 23, 2010
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