a term used to describe particularly friendly homeless people. The combination of hobo and bro. Brobos often partake in illegal activities such as buying minors alcohol in exchange for marijuana.
Bro A: I can't believe we're out of natty and all of our bros are out of town.

Bro B: Nah man, chill out, I'll just head over to the park and hit up one of our brobos.
by Mhinkle February 28, 2011
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Peter is such a brobo, yesterday I saw him wearing socks and sandals!
by OffshoreDolphin June 25, 2009
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"Dude, look at the brobos over there sharing a burrito."
by BekahUNLEASHED October 25, 2009
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It is in no way a positive nor negative term. In times of utter disgust when discipline is essential but friendships must stay in tact, providing guidance for a fellow "bro."
Dude that Incubus album was the shit!

Whatever Brobo Baggins
by KadeDickerson September 14, 2010
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A brobo is someone who is awesome and cool! Usually your sibling or close friend. You always have your brobo's back. No matter what. A brobo is someone who you can rely on - and have fun with.
My brobo is so nice to me!
by Official Merriam Webster July 2, 2014
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A Brobo is everybody's token, helpful homeless friend. Seems to always be getting fired from his job under ridiculous circumstances that never seem to be his fault. He has a rotating semi permanent gig on you or one of your friends' couch at all times. Surfs on your couch and does your dishes. Down to get drunk with you after your hard day at work and is polite and nice to your mom.
"If your package is arriving today at 2pm no one will be there to sign for it". "Oh no worries my Brobo is tgere".
by S.Orleans July 3, 2018
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