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a president is a Skundelo-Americanadian slang term for a friend, similar in meaning to "dluff" or "mutge"
Rogger-1: "Hey Rinstel!"
Rogger-2: "I'm not Rinstel, rogger!"
Rogger-1 "Sorry, president!"
by skundelkraftiano April 10, 2007
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A person of considerable sub-Saharan African ancestry who is also a member of the subculture of eccentrics known as bohemians (please see definition) is known colloquiALLY AS A BROHEMIAN. CAPS LOCK LOLZ.
sup brohemian my brohemian compatriot in brohemianosity (if you will excuse such a constructed word)
by skundelkraftiano April 12, 2007
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