Bro time is a “safe space” for bros to express their “feelings.” It is often the spontaneous result of bro’s night and normally occurs after consuming a case of natty ice.

The event is typically triggered by an evocative song which is familiar to all the bros. Examples include: “One” by Metallica, “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson or Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn.” After moshing and playing air guitar to their favorite song the bros will stand around and discuss “sensitive” topics such as their aversion to sexual assault (to perhaps atone for their own indiscretions), confessing to “banging” an unusually heinous woman and/or another bro’s sister, praising their father’s masculinity, entertaining the idea that you may indeed “love that slut you’ve been banging,” or conversely how that “bitch” who fucked another guy “broke your heart.” However bros will never confess to performing a bro job and thus undermine their status as a bro.

Most importantly because bro time is an activity performed by white upper middle class dudes it always occurs away from the scrutinizing eyes of women, people of color, family members, liberals, non-Christians, poor people and the disabled. It is a space where bros can be “as raw as they want to be” and where the thin ties holding together their heterosexual bro identity come dangerously close to unraveling. Nevertheless the event is always brought back to reality with a swift and manly bro hug and shots of Jagermeister.
“Yo, me and the bros totally bonded last night. That bitch Ashley broke my boy Chad’s heart and we had to chill with him. I dunno what I would do without my boys and bro time.”
by the beeb November 27, 2006
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When two(or more) "bros" engage in completely friendly, platonic, consensual sexual activity in a fully "no homo" kind of way.
Bro 1: Hey, what are you guys doing tonight?
Bro 2: We were gonna go watch some Netflix and chill, maybe with some kissing and hand-holding involved, no homo though. Wanna join?
Bro 1: Sure dude! Always time for bro time!
by The Real Dante April 1, 2021
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When two guys are laying next to each other on a bed, each with a girl on top of them hooking up
“Yo, let’s go do bro time
by eks183028 January 11, 2020
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Bro time is when bros get together at lunch time and talk about sports and pussy. Another alternative to sports talk is an unneccesary debate on the existence of kidney stones and what purpose they serve in our universe.
Brooooooooooooo, its bro time. Brooooooooooooo, goldfish are the shit. Bro, you got a nickel?
by pussy ragzzzzzzzzz November 5, 2011
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a shared experience between two friends during which they smoke a cigarette together and talk about life/anything (and essentially "bro out"). it is traditionally an experience between two people, but exceptions can be made. people will often leave a group just to enjoy cig bro time, and will most likely finish their cigarette feeling content and closer to the other person.
Hey Jim?" "Yeah, Bradford?" "Cig bro time?" "For sure!
by GuitarAndOreos18 February 8, 2011
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A boy who is utterly obsessed with the band All Time Low.

This boy knows all their songs, all the background information about the band, and could possibly have a picture of the band as his phone background/have one of their songs as her ringtone.
Lilly: What an All Time Bro you are, Chris.
by ATLOD999 December 6, 2010
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