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noun or verb - a manly hug between two dudes who are cool with each other
So I got off the airplane, saw my friend...there were bro hugs all around. Then we went to the bar for some shots to catch up.
by Brian F Tampa April 27, 2007
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A manly and heterosexual hug between two bros. Works as a good a greeting, farewell, congratulations, etc. Outsiders may see it as gay, but to bros they know what it really means. Its all about brotherly love.
Bro 1: "Hey man hows it goin!"
Bro 2: "Wassup dude!"
*bro hug occurs*
by What the Shit? October 02, 2008
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An epic hug between brofriends. It's so epic it's awesome, and nobody will ever lampoon a brohug for fear of social annihilation.

Often takes place at inappropriate or random times when the emotion of a brofriendship becomes too much to bear.

Brohugs are never awkward, and always involve full on body contact, rather than awkward hovering or back patting.

Do not fear the brohug, for it is beautiful.
Levi: "Come on buddy, lets brohug it out!"

James: *Leaps into Levi's arms*
by Vickigail December 05, 2012
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A manly hug between to bros.

A bro hug is executed my first initiating a mid-five/handshake, in which the bros then pull into eachother from hand contact. Then, each bro swings one arm around the back of the other bro, and gives 1-3 open palmed slaps on the opposing bro's shoulder, all while the mid-five/handshake is still interlocked, effectively sandwiching the arms between the bros.

It's hard to mess up a bro hug, but it is often done in one of two ways:

1) Not being rigid or forceful enough.

2) Using both arms to hug (that's gay, bro).

3) Holding it too long (timing is everything, bro).
The Bro Hug must be seen, not heard or read.
by Camel Tao October 05, 2009
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Executed when two males are too insecure in their sexuality to just hug another man with both arms.
Why are those two guys so scared of being seen as gay that they need to bro hug each other? Why dont they just act like men and hug each other?
by th0831 November 10, 2009
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Awkward embrace that white guys give to their black friends when they see them. It usually consists of some combination of a handshake, chest pump or back slap.
Joe walked into the party and promptly gave an awkward bro-hug to every member of the basketball team.
by Lola98675 February 12, 2009
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A brief, manly embrace between two straight males.
Bro Hug Rules:
1. Always leave at least 1-inch of space between man parts.
2. Never gaze into each others eyes.
3. Minimum of 1-back slap required.
4. Maximum of 2-back slaps.
5. No groping or kissing of any kind.
by SundazeChild May 27, 2013
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