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The act of two males taking their genitals out and fighting each other over petty things
Person 1) Hey, why do you never tell me stuff about your life, you're supposed to be my best friend

Person 2) you always tell everyone else

Group chat) Well, looks like they're gona have another bro to bro, everyone get ready for some gay shit
by Slaughtergang for life April 04, 2017
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1) noun-the act of have a heart to heart conversation with your bros.
2) adverb-state of being between two bros
3) noun-a productive conversation between two bros
1) I just wanted to hear it bro-to-bro

2) A: Bro I hear you wanna get it in with girl

B: Totally bro, I'm gunna need some help tho.

A: I will wingman for you dude no worries

B: thanks bro. that was a great Bro-to-Bro.

3) A: bro (friend) is having serious problems wat are we gonna do

B:i think its time to have a bro to bro with (friend)
by MikeySpags June 21, 2011
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