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Quite possibly the most retarded and juvenile drinking game in history. Usually occurs simultaneously with other drinking games when, inevitably, at a party full of bros, enjoyable times with friends gives way to nonsensical binge drinking. It is unclear from an evolutionary perspective why a male of the species would present a foul tasting beverage to another male and expect them to take a knee and consume it when there is usually much better tasting beer available. Perhaps it is an expression of the often felt, but forbidden sexual attraction they feel for one another. Other experts contend that these rituals are necessary to portray one's dedication to extremism and "bro-ing out." Still, other scholars claim that these actions are fundamental to the "bro" maintaining his harem of over privileged and unattractive females with which he may drunkenly mate with. Whatever the explanation, society can only hope that this behavior leads to the extinction of the "bro."
example of bros icing bros...

Bro: "Bro, I just totally iced you bro! Take a knee and chug!"

Non-Bro: "Um. No. I'd much rather enjoy this beer instead of drinking your piss-water bitch drink. I can't believe you spent money on that fruity flavored garbage you worthless piece of shit."
by unknown9626 June 13, 2010
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