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Any act, when done by at least two bros, must be immediately replicated in the exact same fashion by all other bros in attendance. There are no exceptions, and this act should usually be either eating a disgusting food or performing a gratuitously idiotic and/or homoerotic act.
Me and Justin just drank rotten congealed coconut milk. BRO LAW!!!
Everyone else: God damn it.

Dude, me AND JEREMY just took Adderall, BRO LAW THAT SHIT!
Everyone else: God damn it.

Me and Samson just pimp smacked this girl. BRO LAW!!!
Everyone else: that shits wrong..
by brouchebag July 09, 2010
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brother in law. the husband of your sister. or the brother of your wife.
yo, bro-law! you got a few hundred dollars you can let me borrow? my ass is broke again
by kasyhta December 21, 2008
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