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Deragatory term for full size trucks with an enourmous lift kit and overly large tires. Driven by a bro. See also: bro, bro edition.
Check out the guys rollin' in the bro dozer.
by Eric!! June 26, 2006
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A large truck with an entirely unnecessary liftkit, typically an F-150 or bigger, driven by a wordbro/word.

Tim's got a sick gnar brodozer!
by carnevoodoo November 06, 2003
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A guy or group of guys who wear nothing but Tapout clothing, and drive huge lifted trucks with green or lit up neon undercarriages with metal mulisha and nor cal decals. Brock Lesnar is most likely their idol, and if not it's Chuck Lidell. They also love Quads, and tribal tattoos. They often are found in the weight room at the gym staring at themselves in the mirrors between workouts, playing for the local community college football team, or volunteering for a crappy fire department. (Steroid usage is often a side effect)
Common brodozer sentence: "Did you watch the fight last night? I was going to but I had to pick up my truck from the shop, and pick up some freaks to mollywomp."
by AbsoluteEMT June 16, 2010
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Used to describe the vehicles piloted by desert bros. Usually large white trucks to begin with, they are then trasformed into the epitamy of excess (In the opposite direction of rice rockets) via the addition of enormous lift kits, huge tyres (usually baja claws see haha claws. Eveything chromable is chromed, and everything flamable is flamed (including window tinting) The headlights are often mounted in the front bumper to stay at the leagal height. The trucks tip easily, and don't off-road any better than they ever did.
This baja bug could romp the shit out of any brodozer in Glamis.
by Luke August 02, 2004
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A lifted truck that has lowered neon lights with flames on the side of the "doze" this lifestyle includes tight tapout shirts to show off how much you deadlift, tribal tatts and a sick as shit chassic on your "doze"
"Dude he's got a sick brodozer bet he wears tapout."
by sihhh dude January 13, 2018
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A new lifted diesel truck that only hauls guys with affliction attire, white sunglasses, and hats. Typically found at hot shots with the same dudes getting there drunk on.
Look at that fag and his brodozer trying to get pussy
by Funny mechanic November 29, 2018
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