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A gorgeous, nice girl that is really fun to be around.
"Wow. Look at her. She's such a Brier."
by Ditz.xx October 12, 2008
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Brier... not the bunny, but a last name only saved for those with great beauty and power
by Michelle Brier September 07, 2008
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The small town just off of Mountlake Terrace. Filled with mainly elder and rich white kids, that sell their grandparents medicine cabnit.
Lost of people in Brier, often own a chickens, horses, goats, alpacs, and A LOT of poodles!

Instead of going to the nearest Qfc, people in Brier would rather drive over to the next area code to Whole Foods.
"who egged my car?"
"it was probably just some Brier kid"
by LiteBrights June 27, 2018
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