Someone that you blame everything on.
🎵 Blame it on Bricker 🎵
by crazedllama123 February 26, 2019
British slang used to describe people who you find extremely annoying or bothersome, also can be used to describe someone of extreme stupidity.
Office Worker 1: Hey mate have you seen my stapler?
Office Worker 2: Sorry mate I haven't, it must have been Gary.
Office Worker 1: That bloke's such a Bricker!
by XombieFighter91 April 1, 2008
Used to describe someone who is gutless. Derived from the expression 'shitting bricks'
by Reaver2 October 17, 2008
Lets bricker this girl, I love getting brickered everyday, I love brickering girls all day.
by yaboynigga123 March 3, 2014
Getting your face punched in whilst strolling through a shitty bars' parking lot topless drunk with someone elses woman behind you.
Did you hear? Greg got "Brickered" outside hooters last night.
by bobcat_2011 May 19, 2011
To pull out during anal sex and use the feces on ones penis to draw pictures on the partners back.
Did you see Brett today? He's pissed about the dirty bricker i gave his mom last night.
by Koel Jasten August 17, 2008