UK usage-

A very big person, normally male who is as broad as he is tall yet carries very little fat. Not the sort of person you would willingly upset.

Term comes from the large brick built outside toilets once common in working class areas of the UK.
I ain't gonna mess with him, he's a bleedin' brick shithouse.
by black flag June 7, 2004
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noun.Sally, a woman of brute strength that can lift anything or break you in half
Man, she lifted that washing machine by herself, she really is a Brick Shithouse
by lurlyjenn04 August 3, 2007
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A human who would be great at laying bricks due to his dead trim. Very aggressive and often pulls doors off of hinges in random uncontrollable rage.
"Micheal, or Mikey Brick Shithouse for short, slammmed a year 7 into a door"
by Bricklayer123455 February 4, 2020
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originally from an outdoor toilet, now used to describe a big-framed male or female (usually derogatory for the latter)
'whoah, shes a big girl'
'yeah, built like a brick shithouse'
by BlinginMongHead January 7, 2005
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A descriptive term of approval used to describe the figure of a woman as being voluptuous.
Random posted a picture of her navel piercing and I noticed that she's built like a brick shithouse.
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