Of Gaelic origin meaning Fortitude and Strength. Also, perhaps, the most beautiful young woman on the planet.
Je ne connais pas de personne aussi belle que Briana.
by Sinbad The Sailor February 03, 2010
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the most gorgeous, amazing, perfect, cute, outgoing, funny, charming, sweet, sexy, nice, caring, beautiful girl in the world. she is always there for you no matter what the situation is. the guy who is with her is the luckiest most happiest person alive. she loves you for who you are no matter what. Briana is beautiful no matter what and does NOT need to put any make up on. no matter what she is wearing she is always jaw dropping.
The guy going out with Briana is sooooo luckyy, shes soo gorgeous." "i know..i wish i was him.
by redsoxfan1134 June 20, 2011
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Briana is a super sweet, charismatic person, she's short and usually never on time. Her smile is CRAZYYYYY CUTE deadass. Don't let this shawty's looks deceive you because she's smart. She's a girl you definitely don't want to miss out on.
Bro get you a Briana
by papishampoo25 December 08, 2018
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Brianas are so fun to be around. They can be controversial, funny, kind, goofy, and more! Brianas have great minds; they are intelligent. They are loyal when it comes to friendships. They can have a friend for more than 10 years! Brianas love play games with friends. They are also beautiful.
POV 1: Hey, isn’t she so great?
POV 2: IKR! What’s her name?
POV 1: Her names Briana, so cool.
by xpublisherx December 14, 2019
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a beautiful woman who doesn't know it yet.always happy and delightful to be around. although she picks shitty boyfriends she falls in love easy. shes tough on the outside but shes a big softee on the inside. only if your nice.her best friend also doesn't realize that shes in love with him.she just doesn't show it.
hey is that briana?
whos briana?
by dearme95 October 05, 2009
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briana is a pretty cool chick. usually short and violent but cute and sweet at the same time. brianas are random and love picking on people and being big ol meanies. enjoy big things. mezmorized by shiny things and things that make noise. makes animal noises a lot and sniffs or touches people... A LOT. listens to cool bands like patd, bc13, tbs, botdf and a bunch of others. LOVES singing but never admits it. gets turned on by "knives and pens" by black veil brides (dont blame her, that songs orgasmikkk) has only 3 real friends and will do almost anything for them. is an amazing guitarist, bassist, or drummer but dosent know it yet. usually falls for joshes,brendans,justins,jordons,nathans, names of that sort. did i mention cute??? = looks innocent but will fuck a bitch up
briana* bumps into some chick*
chick: hey watch it!!!!
briana: sorry
chick: better be little bitch
briana: what muthafuckaa!!!! *kicks ass* ya bitch
by mz.wafflekinzzzzz April 22, 2010
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