A briana is a beautiful human being inside and out, without even realizing it. She gets sad, but she still takes time to listen to her friends, and let them vent. She may get caught up in her emotions, and doubts herself for the smallest things. But thats okay, because no ones okay. Maybe she does listen to people's insults, but she should apply that same rule to complements. She will always care for people, so much so sometimes she forgets about her own. Even though she may ache inside, like the demons of sadness and loneliness are beating and the insides of her stomach, she will always have friends who will be willing to destroy the demons, and they may not always have just enough strength, Briana must do her part, and not give in to the demons. But it's not just her friends that give her strength, Briana herself is so strong and brave, willing to help anyone , and has held chin high, just so no one has to hurt. Briana is so selfless she doesn't even know
"How are you Briana
" I'm not okay"
"It's okay, I'm here"
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the most awesome person ever who doesnt have to wear makeup and will literally fuck u up if you do as much as try to push her down the bleachers. they are the best people ever.
Big Patty- I almost pushed briana down the bleachers.
Briana- wtf did u say bitch?
by youuu knoowww October 15, 2008
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Arabic Queen and know to be "the beautiful godess" and "daughter of Brian".founder of strength and love. She can be gullible at times.Her beauty attracts many men even older men and Her body is beautifully shaped. Her love can be very persuasive, have ups and down,makes people laugh,but shes also honorable. I wouldn't try to use them because it will back fire😂. But love Briana's because they are amazing ;)
"We broke up but I still have feelings for Briana,her love is amazing"
by Briana the Queen and daughter January 03, 2019
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A girl who is outgoing and loves to smile.She is always trying to help her friends in any way she can.She is smart yet can be gullible at times.
Person:That girl is always smiling, she is such a Briana.
by #1chica May 27, 2009
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a very cool girl that is sensitive and creative. mostly a tomboy sometimes girly. understands the boys. doesn't care what people say about her or what she looks like. she is athletic and is kind of shy sometimes. she is beautiful in her own way.
becky; eww briana you look hideous
briana; thank you
by DUCKLINNGSS January 24, 2016
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Briana is really simply put... a cool chic. One of the coolest you'll ever meet. She has a great sense of humor, but don't let that fool you. She looks small and nice but knows how to handle her own. Briana has the tendency to be bossy; just a little bit. She's ambitious, smart, very attractive, and you'll be glad to know here. She'll leave you wanting more.

Briana likes wings, corn on the cob, and Shoes!
Briana, that girl is bossy.
Did you see Briana? She was shoe shopping while asking that guy to buy her wings.
by nomnomdom March 30, 2011
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Briana is the sweetest girl, at times she is very innocent! She will have a crush and will be absolutely nervous around him. She will cherish her best friends ALWAYS. She has a side that others don't see. She has the biggest heart, but don't mess with it! She will forgive easily, but never forget. She is a smart and beautiful girl, and you would be lucky to have her by your side. she sees the good in everyone even those bitches she back-stabbed her.

"Your actually retarded if you lose her friendship"
by Aaron blubson February 15, 2018
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