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A small town located in Putnam County, New York. Mainly contained of football jocks who have their heads up their asses and girls who snort coke off of their teacher's dicks. Everyone in Brewster is now addicted to nicotine thanks to juuls. The guys usually find comfort in craddling each other's cocks (while screaming about Brewster's football team and yelling at each other over juul pods) while the girls are thots (usually spotted with three dicks in their mouths. The pussy is ripe with Hepatitis A through Z). Within Brewster is Brewster Village (AKA BrewsterRico, La Guadalabrewha). Nothing but Guatemalans. People show up here for drugs. The white portion of Brewster is Vineyard Vines central, where boat shoes and polo shirts are in style. Pathetic crime is infamous such as teacher-student sexual relatoonships, a white boy getting his ass kicked in a locker room over a bet, and a 16 year old stabbing a guy for 3 dollars.
"Hey, you wanna ruin your life? Head on down to Brewster, New York!"

"You can easily get laid in Brewster, New York, the girls are Super Thots."
by skrubskrubskrub June 12, 2018
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