A county in New York State. Dutchess is 50-60% upstate, and was previously was fluently Republican. Many lawsuits have turned Dutchess County more purple, it still leans red. The City of Poughkeepsie is the county seat.

People from communities around Dutchess County have been known to be warm-hearted, really sweet, some even walk with a smile on their face. However, they are VERY cliquey in most cases. Bear in mind it's a place like anywhere else. Drugs are common in bad areas of Dutchess and it's cities more specifically. Marijuana is a so common in Beacon the name Tree City was given.

This county lacks Special Education support expect for the City of Beacon's schools, so beware about sending your kids to Dutchess counties crappy schools, that's not biased, look it up.

Many areas have been known to deny jobs to those with disabilities. Poughkeepsie is the only known exception to this racism. The county executor is a republican as of April 24 2010. He's on his 4th or 5th term!

Dutchess is the type of county in which one needs to research very carefully before moving to.
Person, A: I'm moving to Dutchess County
Orange County NY Resident: Oh, alright, I'm not really too familiar with that county, but it seems alright.
by VanillaCoffee April 24, 2010
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When US Congressman Marc Molinaro uses his Dutchess County charm to blow smoke up his constituents' asses yet sells it as sunshine.
Marc Molinaro Facebook is filled with Dutchess County Sunshine!
by amaurot January 11, 2023
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