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To Break Bad is to reject social norms for one's own gain or amusement. To give up on the typical moral and social norm and go one's own path, regardless of the legality or ethics.
Are you really ready to break bad, bitch?
by TheOtherWhiteMatter September 22, 2013
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Comes from the American Southwest slang phrase "to break bad," meaning to challenge conventions, to defy authority and to skirt the edges of the law.
"What, you just decided to break bad one day?"
by Jake Jawesome September 27, 2011
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To adapt a new lifestyle which is in stark contrast to the one you previously had. Generally used when someone who previously followed rules and regulations begins to deviate from them to achieve new goals/desires. The term is most often used when someone who is generally accepted as "good" adapts behaviors which are seen as "bad".
"What he's just gonna break bad?” Jesse Season 1, Episode 1 Breaking Bad

"Walt broke bad when he was diagnosed with cancer...."
by jesse2013 November 04, 2013
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V.: to go wild, get crazy, let loose, to forget all your cares and just plain not give a sh**, to have a great time, to break out of your mold.
I told Jay to go out with me this weekend so he can break bad for a change.
by Sweet T430 April 19, 2006
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similar to "crack wise" from an earlier era, except that where one who cracks wise is at most sarcastic and disrespectful (and may be just funnin' in genuine good humor), one who breaks bad has escalated to being combative, belligerent, or threatening; while not excluded, there need be no humor, attempted humor, or affected humor involved when a person breaks bad, again by contrast to cracking wise.
"Joe was talking shit to Ted, and it actually was kinda funny, but then Ted broke bad and started gettin' up in Joe's face. For a little bit, I thought they were maybe going to really mix it up."

"Don't break bad with me, motherfucker."
by Curtiss203 August 31, 2009
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To completely dominate or humiliate through sheer superiority
Mike had to shut up otherwise I would completely break bad on him again and send him to the hospital
by Steenalized September 20, 2007
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