listen, if your watching Brazzer's you've got time on your hands or your in class looking to get wet or hard
I went on brazzers and saw my mum doing milf then i cumed everyware.
by sugardaddy69milf April 30, 2019
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Like pay to win, but for porn.
Typically you see a good ad on pornhub for a hot video, only to find out you need to pay Brazzers to view it.
I saw a nice ass ad with some lezbos, but it was on Brazzers! I had blue balls.
by Twentylynx July 23, 2018
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Brazzers is the world's best porn site. They have many scenes with many actresses and actors. All of good quality. If you are to masturbate somewhere Brazzers is the place to go.
Brazzers the world's best porn site!
by Shiifty January 22, 2015
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You know exctly what the fuck this is. You're just here bc 12 year old horny you thought its funny to look up shit on urban, fuck off
Idk how tf am i supposed to use a porn website in a sentence

by Eperou March 20, 2021
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(Your caught in a pickle, And I mean it.) - RowleyOpeu

The best time of your life. You just got out of an hot-ass shower, and your on your way to masturbate on (Lame!)

Now see, Bradley is looking and digging real hard for that new Lily Lane video..

Until his dad texts him an odd text message, "Nice tits, Milady."

Now Bradley wants to find out who exactly that Lady' is.

He quickly exposes his dad, and says he'll snitch on him.

As any dumbass- down bad dad would say, " I'll give you anything"

(Simp, I say, S-HI"MP)

But back to the story, Bradley puts everything on his amazon wishlist...

5 Toy Vaginas
New Nintendo Switch
A trip to India
Meet and greet with Lana Rhoades

And at the deep end..


Dad - Hey Patricia, nice tits!

Son- This is your son, Bradley?
Dad - I'll give you anything!

Son - The new Adidas, a Tesla, and a..

5 month Brazzers Subscripton.
by RowleyOpeu September 5, 2021
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Hey bro, wanna come over to some brazzers and chill?

- Markus 2015
by Blak Mk September 6, 2015
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Russian nickname for American pornographer Johnny Sins.
Ты че, налысо побрился? Похож блять на лысого из Бразерс
Did you shave your head? You look like the fucking Bald from Brazzers.
by Rundir June 10, 2024
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