The newest game by supercell that took my friends from me
You guys wanna play Brawl Stars?
by SuckMyFreakingb January 22, 2019
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An uncommon form of birth control. When used by a male, he will never, ever get a woman pregnant (or reportedly ever have sex).
Man: “Heyy bby, wanna see my highest trophy brawler in brawl stars?”

Woman: *gags and leaves*
by perc O_o June 1, 2021
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The game that makes people rage when they play with randoms, because they don't do anything. Battle in fast-paced 3v3 gamemodes, as well as in a 10-man showdown. This game is best suited for casual players, and the Dev Team really listens to the community and implements modes quickly. The best game for aiming, dodging, and playing with friends.
Friend: What's that thing on your screen?
Me: It's Brawl Stars, you should try it out and play with me.
by captaincto April 12, 2020
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Originally released in beta on June 15th 2017, Brawl Stars became the 5th official Supercell game. The game almost died once with the addition of auto-aim in beta, but managed to pull through and was globally released on December 12th 2018. The game consists of three primary buttons. Your attack button(aimed or auto-aimed), your joystick, and your super button(not all supers can be aimed), which is an extra ability which will usually give the brawler its uniqueness. With 6 3v3 modes and 2 10 man modes, the gameplay is very diverse. Occasionally limited time events will pop up and on the weekends one of three special events will pop up. Brawl stars is by far the most f2p Supercell game out there, and the devs do listen to the community constantly. Currently, there are 43 brawlers, each with 2 star powers and soon to be 2 gadgets. Gadgets can be unlocked about half way into maxing out a character, and allows your character to use a new separate ability 3 times per match (some questionably strong but whatever). Star powers are passive abilities that will enhance the ability of your character (such as extra range or easier to charge supers). Im kinda too lazy to write more so imma just say its a good game but in some cases can get stale.
person 1:brawl stars is good
person 2:ok
by kjhfekjvewrkjv January 13, 2021
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A mobile game that is only playable if you have 20Gbps of internet or your money gets stolen by supercell by having players buy gems out of anger. Basically, a cash grabber, as it partially forces you to buy their stuff while having broken matchmaking and balance which ruins the fun.
Do you play Brawl Stars? If you do, did you break your phone?
by thisnetismine September 20, 2017
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A mobile video game made by the company Supercell that has yet to come to android for the next 3 billion years.
If you would've released Brawl Stars by now, Supercell, you wouldn't be broke.
by ZapB April 4, 2018
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A mobile game by Ca$h$ell that requires you to have NASA level internet to play a match without lagging(which tbh will still lag somewhat). Shitty balance devs ignore the most OP characters and nerf the rest. It also has shitty matchmaking but it still milks a ton of money from 7 year olds using mommy's credit card to try and get legendaries (btw, loot box system is broken too)
Brawl Stars is a trashy game.
by SupercellBelongsInTheTrash February 11, 2020
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