Bratz dolls are a line of toy dolls born wearing the most fashionable items at that time in history, in 2001 ; Contrasting the now old image of the "Barbie", the Bratz dolls have brought a breath of fresh air.
4 babydolls that dress as they want because the body is theirs, without anyone needing a man (named Ken), they invest their time and energy chasing their dreams, together as bestfriends.
What they should teach children nowadays, without being judged “Slutty” by others; Following their dreams all together.
by babybratz October 15, 2020
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Bratz are a doll line produced by MGA Entertainment meant for “tweens” or preteen children ( 12-13 year old girls). There are “bratz” guys and “bratz” girls. These “bratz” teach children to dress up like what you could call ‘Whores’. These bratz dolls teach girls to be 'tenny bopper’s’. These dolls teach girls that you have to be hot, and to be hot you MUST wear skimpy outfits. What do these girls do when they were these skimpy outfits, imitating what they see the dolls do on tv? They go out and meet boys, who will be interested in sex. The outfits are DESIGNED to be sexual, and you can expect the girls who buy these dolls, or even see them on TV, to want to imitate them. Toys like this create a new generation of sluts, skanks, and whores!
Joe: Hey, my 13 year old sister got one of those bratz dolls for christmas.

Me: Is she on the pill?
by DucoNihilum July 20, 2005
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A new doll line that debuted around 2001, to compete with Barbie. Bratz dolls are designed for tweens of this generation, who are learning about sex, drugs, and violence at such an early age now that traditional princess-type dolls no longer represent reality.

Bratz dolls come with clothes that are skimpy and trampy looking, and there is no alternative. You can't buy any Bratz clothes that cover their bodies properly, or look conservative.

Also, the accesories they come with are themed such as Juice Bars, Lounge Clubs, Rock & Roll style cars and gadgets, and Party themed houses designed for Bratz dolls and their Bratz boys to "get their funk on".

You can't buy any regular homes or plain, non-sexual themed accessories, which make it hard to purchase these Bratz toys for girls under age 14, and yet most girls who do play with them are between 6-13.
Bratz dolls represent the urban, modern girl.
by Lomia November 30, 2006
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A doll that has a big head, lips, feet and no nose. They wear too much make up, and bratz babies look like they have make up on. They dress like a slut and bring a bad message to little girls who play with them. They might start thinking they have to dress pretty like them to look "good" -_- All they advertise is fashion.
Tokyo A Go-Go, Bratz Boys
by Stealth! August 5, 2006
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Bratz are 10 inch dolls made by MGA Entertainment. The 4 original Bratz are Jade, Sasha, Cloe and Jasmin, although there have been a whole buttload of other useless Bratz characters made. They have heads the size of hot air balloons, necks like cocktail sticks, waists so thin that they look like you could just snap them in half and gross swelled up hobbit feet. I'm convinced that if they were real people they wouldn't be able to lift up their feet to walk and their necks would snap like a twig on account of the weight of their heads. They wear clothes meant for prostitutes and strippers(fishnets, miniskirts, feather boas ect.) They wear a buttload of make up, so they just look even more like whores. I'm also pretty sure the Bratz Kidz and Babyz have tons of make up on too, which is just wrong. And now by selling these plastic sluts to inoccent little girls, we have a whole generation of tenny bopping skanks. Thanks MGA Entertainment. Thanks a whole bunch.
Sarah: Hannah do you want to play with my new Bratz dolls I got for my 5th birthday? I got the hot tub, the private jet, the cocktail bar and the Bratz Boyz too!!

Hannah: Yeah let's make the Bratz dolls wear skimpy whorish clothes so the Bratz Boyz will like them better!!

Ten Years Later..

Hannah: Like OMG that guy is soooo HAWT!!!

Sarah: OMFG hes so GORGEOUS!!! I'm sooo gonna go up to him and show him my new miniskirt and fishnet stockings!!

James: Eww get away from me, you tenny bopping Bratz whore!!

Sarah: STFU and make out with my slutty make up covered face!!!
by xoxTheDarkPwincessxox August 12, 2007
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Bratz are a line of dolls, created by MGA Entertainment. They have pretty large eyes and they have big heads so that they would look more anime and cartoonish. They have detailed clothes that always keep up with fashion as their motto says: "The girls with a passion for fashion". There's nothing wrong with being passionate about fashion. These dolls are very pretty and they brought a new look into the doll fashion industry.
Bratz are just dolls that some people actually love.
by SylverFoxy January 7, 2009
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A doll line by MGA Entertainment which first debuted in 2001 as a series of 9.5" girls; the line eventually extended to include Bratz Boyz, Bratz Babyz, Lil Bratz, Big Bratz, Petz, and more. Rather than the traditional doll roles of pink princesses and spoonfed ideas of stereotypical women's work, Bratz mainly reflect modern teenagers/young adults and the fashions they often wear.
Some Bratz characters include Jade, Sasha, Nevra, and Eitan.
by Sierrna September 9, 2005
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