A great guy with many talents and lots of ambitions. He has girls falling at his feet if he likes you back, you are the luckiest girl alive. He will flatter you and he couldn't be more true. He is also the hottest guy with great hair and gorgeous eyes. Goes great with someone whose name starts with "R". A lot of people think that he is annoying, but the right girls think that he is amazing.
Is that (insert name of currently popular boy band here)?!?! No. That's just Brannon...;)
by EmilyKase November 10, 2014
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Brannon is a real person. Actually a group of people a family. One which can turn your world upside down. In a good way if you respect them. But in “puzzle way” if you cross them. I should know messed up once and still have scars to prove it. The way “my family” has kept me accountable is great. I will never live down my mistakes. However I am very greatful to the Brannon dreamteam.
The Brannon team is abunch folks that love and forgive, even when it is not deserved.
by Permanent Scarlet Letter December 26, 2018
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A scouser term for failure. in the olden days in liverpool when a couple mated out of wedlock and if the coupling is fruitful and produces a male bastard offspring, it is named Brannon.
James my ass! you're a brannon if i ever saw one!

you're such a worrywort! stop being such a brannon!
by junkyville November 09, 2007
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Not To Be Trust! He will promise you the moon and even convince you that you are the one. He’s telling 5 other women the same thing at the same time. He will plan trips & even talk about “when you will be living with him. He loves to play out these fantasy scenarios become he gets off on the genuine excitement on your face and every woman he does this too. He is ADDICTED to the newness of relationships, the first kiss, first time sex with women. The genuineness of the women falling in love with him and appearing as their hero. Always has a least 3-5 women at a time. Loved to flaunt his money and will tell every woman that he wants them in control of his money. But he is ALWAYS in control. He is a FAKE. He pretends to be a gentleman & respectful but once he sucks you in, the abuse begins. Manipulating, cheating, compulsive lying coward. A predator. Only knows how to interact with society through head games. NOT what he says he is. He is a spineless sneaky snake. Two-faced & stabs everyone in the back. BEWARE!! He is a life lesson. An obstacle in life for you to overcome. However, you you leave the relationship with absolutely NOTHING. He is like locus. He will strip you of everything, emotion, mentally, financially, credit score, reputation, career and anything of value. Especially sentimental value.
I’m at the ‘Brannon’ level in my life. Once I get past this, I can start my life over fresh and new.
by Truth.At.All.Times July 18, 2019
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Brannonitis is a medical condition in which a person feels the need to spend money at an alarming rate. Often these people are hard working individuals who have an urge to impulsively make financial decisions in which most cases they over pay for products. Most products they purchase are not needed.
Man, that guy spends a lot of money, he must have brannonitis
by Barry Lannon June 06, 2017
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To assist in the destruction of a beloved t.v. franchise
Rick Berman and Brannon Braga destroyed Star Trek With mind numbing inane sequels like Voyager and Enterprise
by Captain Copernicus February 04, 2009
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