She is the prettiest girl in my class she is also my best friend since she came here, she is a very badass person to be around she laughs 25/8 and will beat the fuck out of someone that gets on her nerves or her friend's nerves. She always talking shit bout someone everywhere she goes and loves to shop and spend money on almost every store, She will walk out of the house with house slippers on and not give 2 Shits. She loves food more than having a boyfriend. SHE IS OBSESSED WITH DOING HER HAIR AND OTHER PEOPLE'S HAIR.
Person 1: Where Brandyn?
Person 2: She's Fixing Her Hair.
by nunofurbuissness March 7, 2022
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Brandon is a smart,funny,cute person who puts others before himself even tho he can be sad he can make everyone else fill happy he is very protective of his friends sometimes he can be annoying but will always be there for you
Brandyn is the my best friend
by Annoing November 25, 2019
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She is a goofy, cute, wonderful girl that's can make you feel amazing without even saying a word. She’s the kinda girl that would help you after you fall but then will tease you for being clumsy and make you laugh. She’s there when you need her even if you think she doesn't care. She’s a great girlfriend that makes you feel wonderful and amazing. She’s Brandyn.
Boy. : there she goes wish my girlfriend was like Brandyn
by November 21, 2021
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Brandyn; a completely common person who does not stick out. he is totally not outgoing or adventurous. A Brandyn will always put you down if you have a small accident, mess up etc. He is one of the most boring and lamest person you will meet.
This guy is such a douche and he's super lame, what a Brandyn
by TheMasterMind1001 May 22, 2017
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If you meet a Brandyn, you are very lucky. He’s really cool and sweet and super goofy. He can be annoying at times but that’s just how he is. He says he’s never tired and then falls asleep. All he does is play 2k and Fortnite. Overall he’s pretty chill and he makes things super AWKWARD. Okay I’m done now
I wish I had a friend like Brandyn.
by Ur_Bestie:) March 9, 2019
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male. A sweet, humorous, yet mysterious person. Will often crack jokes. Makes people smile and sometimes laugh until cry. Unique and funny. Excels in math and english classes. Also very caring, but be careful not to offend, there is a pissy side to all brandynes. Extremely tall and is very athletic and can beat most at tennis.
"Did you see Brandyne today?"

"Yeah, hes so cool!"

"i knowww. I wish I was Brandyne."
by Jurrassic March 2, 2010
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Brandyn Dougan is a 19 year old drummer who was formerly in a band called 'Call Me Anything' from Boston. Was on tour. He is leaving for college. He was the drummer. He's half Japanese, half Irish. Pretty amazing. Cute, adorable. Everything a fan-girl wants.
Fan Girl #1: Wow, Brandyn Dougan is a great drummer.

Fan Girl #2: Yeah! He's cute, and smart. Ahhh, if only CMA could come to Canada...

Fan Girl #3: True, but Brandyn won't be with them. He's leaving for college *frowny face*
by xkimmiiz August 20, 2011
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