Acronym for the illustrious California Maritime academy. A part of the CSU system. Notable for the abundance of alcoholics and uniformed tools (student/cadets) whatever the hell you want to call them. A lack of females above a 2.0 on the 10 point scale, and a floating brothel staffed by CSU Monterey Bay and Cal Poly co-eds also known as the TSGB (Training Ship Golden Bear).
Every CMA party is a Cockfest.
by cmabatman September 8, 2008
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Cover My Ass. Used when you choose the safe tactic. May also be said when you have done something wrong and dont want to take the fall for it.
by Martin February 1, 2004
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Christmas Movie Addict - someone who has too much time on their hands and an unhealthy obsession with Christmas movies, usually Hallmark heartstrings, and watches them year round.
Kaitlin needs a hobby or a boyfriend because she's clearly gone CMA.
by KImCobain February 21, 2015
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Cracking My Ass. When your laughing so hard, and the only way to express it, is to crack your asss.
I was CMA SO HARD. I mean I was really cracking ass over that baloney.
by CMA_girl January 24, 2023
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the CMA is a hip hop duo consisting of Living Legends members LuckyIAM PSC and The Grouch.
whatchu know about that cma crew?
slug and murs on the tracks, oh fasho!
by Pobecax October 30, 2006
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Crazy Mexican Alert:
used to alert people when your gettin hit on, stalked, or raped by crazy mexicans.
crazy mexican: hey bonita. you lookin gooood!!

hot girl: omg!! CMA! CMA!!!
by chloe272 May 14, 2007
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Doctors office located on Stewart Ave. Known for frequent abuse of employees and lack luster care towards them. A place where if a bomb fell on it, society in a whole would be a better place...
by books April 5, 2005
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