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Capital city of Alberta, Canada. Has roughly one million people. Weather is quite weird.

May be known as 'Homicide City' for its huge murder percent. Also known for the worst hockey team.
Person 1 : Wow, Edmonton's weather is really wonky, today.

Person 2 : You crazy? It's wonky everyday. Maybe the wonkiness drives people crazy so they end up murdering people, thus our homicide rates.

Person 3 : How cruel... The only thing murdered in Edmonton is their hockey team.
by xkimmiiz August 20, 2011

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Matt McNulty is a major hottie in a band called 'Call Me Anything'. He is the bass, backup vocals and he can drum, too. His nickname is 'Mista' and he has once gone 12 days without showering. He has put many videos of him singing && drumming on youtube. Check him out : ofViceandVirtue92 . He is also a cool cat. Also impossible to not love him. He's nineteen.

Fan Girl #2: I know, right? Also , Call Me Anything is pretty rad. Mista is such a cool cat!
by xkimmiiz August 20, 2011

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Brandyn Dougan is a 19 year old drummer who was formerly in a band called 'Call Me Anything' from Boston. Was on tour. He is leaving for college. He was the drummer. He's half Japanese, half Irish. Pretty amazing. Cute, adorable. Everything a fan-girl wants.
Fan Girl #1: Wow, Brandyn Dougan is a great drummer.

Fan Girl #2: Yeah! He's cute, and smart. Ahhh, if only CMA could come to Canada...

Fan Girl #3: True, but Brandyn won't be with them. He's leaving for college *frowny face*
by xkimmiiz August 20, 2011

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