(or branding) The intentional act of 'accidentally' marking someone during sex in order for their partner to find out about it and bring an end to that relationship. Scratching, pinching, biting, spanking marks, bruises or cuts, especially in areas like the buttocks, genitalia or breasts.
After seeing this girl on the side I got out of the shower and I was a bit pissed and hadn't realised she'd branded me with scratches on my back! When my girlfriend clocked it she went nuts but the other girl's wanted me to break up with my girlfriend for a while.
by Bob_Bobington February 25, 2010
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The act of giving someone an intentional scar, bruise, scratch, or cut. Typically used in gangs, as punishments, or for sexual reasons.
Damn man, I lost the bet so I gotta get branded.
by youalilbitch August 27, 2017
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1. When you have given someone anal sex.

2. Referenced to being screwed in the butt.
1. This girl was really hot and after a few drinks at the bar I branded her.

2. Ah man, that test was brutal, I just got branded.
by WIUR-bird August 30, 2010
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If you have sex with someone named, "Brandon", You have just been Branded!
Some fucko named, "Brandon": "Hey dude I just tapped that ass!"

Brandon's friend: " You mean that bitch just got Branded?"

Some Chick: " Ugh I really wish I wouldn't have slept with that Brandon guy last night!"

Chick's Friend: "Girl, Don't be tellin me you been Branded!"
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Something characteristic for the personal image (your brand) you are trying to project. Usually used to say something is 'not on brand' for you.
Someone: You should totally just go for that lipstick!
You: Nah, red is so not on brand for me.
by Ambroos November 24, 2016
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Creating a permanent marking in a human or animal by heating a metal object, often molded to form the shape of the owner's initials, and pressed hard into the receipent's body.

This was common among farmers who branded their cattle to identify them as belonging to them. This can also be found in extreme BDSM and sadomasochistic scenarios, where the dominant partner "brands" the submissive partner as his or her own.
Jimbo enjoys branding his cattle.
by DirkD January 20, 2007
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For The Brand is a phrase used by listeners and followers of The Pat McAfee Show. It is used to express gratitude towards kickers and punters in American football.
Im For The Brand because I appreciate kickers and punters.
by GB Packrats June 6, 2020
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