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Having sex in a place or situation where the risk of getting caught adds to the thrill, the riskier and filthier the better including not using protection. Can be opportunistic or arranging a situation (setting the stage) where having sex under the nose of one or more partners increases the danger and getting away with it is the goal.
I have a fuck buddy who arranged for me to come to her boyfriend's party where no one knew we knew each other when everyone was wasted. She waited for me in a room away from the main party which could be locked and we had a danger fuck, the boyfriend even tried the door looking for her! We carried on acting like we didn't know each other afterwards and when we realised we'd gotten away with it we were so turned on we went upstairs and did it again with the door unlocked. That was a mega-danger fuck!
by Bob_Bobington February 24, 2010

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(or branding) The intentional act of 'accidentally' marking someone during sex in order for their partner to find out about it and bring an end to that relationship. Scratching, pinching, biting, spanking marks, bruises or cuts, especially in areas like the buttocks, genitalia or breasts.
After seeing this girl on the side I got out of the shower and I was a bit pissed and hadn't realised she'd branded me with scratches on my back! When my girlfriend clocked it she went nuts but the other girl's wanted me to break up with my girlfriend for a while.
by Bob_Bobington February 25, 2010

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1. After shagging the unintentional signs of the act that are left behind like used condoms in the bin, clothes discarded around the place.
2. The intentional trail left by someone who wants other people or a boyfriend/girlfriend to find out they'd had sex when the other person wanted it kept quiet.
I drunkenly pulled my flatmates boyfriend and had to rush out to work. I told him to tidy things up and get out of there before she came back but the fucker left a nail trail of a condom in the toilet and one of his socks by my bed.
by Bob_Bobington February 25, 2010

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