The far left zealots that believe everyone should worship a disease and give up their life in fear of it. The kind of people that approve of locking people in their homes and taking away freedoms.
Look at those crazy Branch Covidians trying to cancel Thanksgiving!
by wandering healer November 13, 2020
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Someone who wears a mask for public safety but encourages people to destroy police stations.
That police station was torched. Good thing none of those Branch Covidians got sick!
by Aintry May 13, 2022
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People who refuse to take the basic precautions to prevent the transmission of a deadly virus, especially the guidelines pertaining to crowed environments and proper distancing; or
someone who refuses to take the basic precautions because they believe their deity will protect them.
80 Branch Covidians were infected, 2 of whom died after they ignored social distancing during a gathering.
by Livid Citizen August 18, 2020
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Someone in your circle who has contracted Covid-19.
Did you hear Beth, the one from our congregation, is now a Branch Covidian?

Was she tested?

Yep she is 19-Pos!
by Austin Jayhawk April 3, 2020
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Leftwing/Socialist morons who try to set up an autonomous zone when there’s a pandemic sweeping through the area
did you see the idiot branch Covidians setting up an autonomous zone in Seattle? Yeah, that went well.
by Kt nola July 8, 2020
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An unconstitutional federal level religion of public safety was established in 2020 by this publicly subsidized group of evil tyrants who used misinformation to continually oppress civil discussions and transparent data collection that has and will in the future expose an agenda to reduce the population of the world. The public officers involved are owners of stocks in every publicly traded pharmaceutical company on wall-street. This Cult's leaders established themselves as gods the judge of all who opposed them and started a worldwide Trial by ordeal presuming guilt on all who refused to participate in the 2022 Pharmaceutical Witchcraft Trials. The attempt to make participation mandatory for all public employees is ongoing and threatens to bring about a war.
Beware of the Branch Covidian Cult propaganda. The vaccine is a bio-weapon for population control.
by Spiritual-Master March 2, 2022
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