A hotguy that gets all the ladies, a ladies man, knows how to have a great time, wears the same sweatshirt everyday, sometimes shy, and usually has short brown or blonde hair. A muscular individual.
Hey you see that guy over there. Yeah he is such a brady he is so hot.
You are such a brady get a new sweatshirt.
He is such a Brady, i mean hes perfect.
by Xoil March 21, 2009
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These men are sexy studs. They're most likely in the military and are tall with an intense body. They have brown eyes and short, light brown hair. They are pretty much a stud at everything they do. They have super fine girlfriends and love pork chops, but not sexually.
Whoa, did you see that big, burly hot guy?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he is a Brady.
by Parker Gashly January 07, 2012
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A brady is the most attractive person in the whole world, most of the girls with the name of hannah love him to death and always will. Brady mostly likes girls with brown eyes and brown hair. He is also usually is very popular!
Hannah,"Do you see Brady over there???"
Ethan,"Yeah, what's the matter with him????"
Hannah," He is so dreamy and I heard he likes girls with brown eyes and hair, I HAVE BOTH OF THOSES THINGS!!!!!"
Ethan,"You don't stand a chance with him!"
Hannah,"I will try my best to get him to be my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by MaddyBaddy167894 March 06, 2017
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A Brady is a hilarious and gorgeous girl. Brady is commonly referred to as a heather. Brady is very popular and gets all the guys. She can sing and can eat without gaining any weight. She is very smart and is a fashion icon.
by xtra sauce September 09, 2020
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Brady is the most savage and awesome dude you will ever meet,Brady usually tall and has blonde hair and blue eyes
by Big Mac The Savage March 08, 2017
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An amazing guy with so much steeze and goldeness it's crazy! No one can even come close to comparing! Everyone loves being with a brady, only crazy people such as him would disagree. He hates hunters and loves clocks! Super cute, outgoing, kind and intelligent. He's more than anything you could ever ask for; he's perfect. If you're with a brady, you're sure damn lucky!
Girl 1: "Damn, she has (brady) as a boyfriend !"
Girl 2: "What?! Brady's too good for anyone!"
Girl 3: "yah I never knew I could get so damn lucky:)"
by #Boom69 September 20, 2014
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