Brady is not an average kid. Sometimes he can be kind and gentle, but he can also be a man of anger and hatred. But for his math teacher, it’s all hate(on the inside at least) He often says negative things of himself, like for example, he calls himself a “twerp.” When you look into those brown eyes, you can see Brady’s trying to be an average kid. He is very book smart, but not-so-street-smart. He is not much of a ladies man, but one girl named Victoria likes him. You can usually find him on the couch or outside playing basketball with his friends. With his friends Ben, Cole, Aditi, and Ansh, you can find him happy. He also has a little, cute, hyper-active, disobedient pup who’s name starts with a p. If you ever run into Brady, know he is a misunderstood boy who wants to fit in with his brown, average male hair style.
Brady likes his life sometimes, but sometimes says he’s bad at everything.
by Jace Gamer 5 April 04, 2018
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To leave a social situation without saying goodbye or letting others know you are leaving. A sneaky exit.
A. Where did you go last night? Did you brady? I couldn't find you?
B. Yeah, you people are a bunch of losers.
by cLF October 17, 2006
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A man who is extremely hot, sexy, seductive with just his looks, and has a ripped surfers body. His ocean blue eyes will sail you away into a trance, his dirty blonde hair, and sexy face will blow you away. He is usually shorter than most people but can kiss better than anyone else and can draw in all the cheerleaders and hot girls with just one look. Usually known as a ladies' man. All the girls want to hang out with him and try and get to be more than friends. Brady is known for being amazing in bed and can leave anyone the need to go back to him.
"Did u see that guy Brady?!"

"Yes.! OMG he's so hot
by The real white man at KFC November 20, 2013
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brady is just one stoopid broksi. he’s very slow and usually VERY sarcastic. he beats u in cup pong almost every single time by doesn’t say anything abt it. he bullies u by saying ur short even tho he’s shorter. but overall he’s a good broksi.
brady is stoopid
by bspearsss June 06, 2019
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Possibly the hottest and sexiest person in existence. He has the best swimmers body that anyone would fall in love with from just a glance. Usually goes for the unexpected tall, pretty girl with dark brown hair. Nice, Charming, and very polite.
your boyfriend is such a Brady!
by bdgsnj123 October 01, 2011
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A very attractive and sweet guy who is a total lady's man. All the girls in Speech and Debate love him. He has a bit of an ego and thinks that his eyes are like the rolling hills of Ireland, but he's also the best boyfriend any girl could ever have. He really loves buying giant bears named Otis that smells like his Old Spice cologne for his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. He's one of the best people you'll ever meet.
Shannon "Don't add to Brady's ego, it's already big enough.
Alexis "I know, that boy needs to keep his hands off Mackenzie."
Ashley and Jessica "Shut up. he's trying to talk. I love it when he talks.
Mackenzie "Grr. He's mine."
by kenzie801 March 14, 2011
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