She goes to Park Hill High School and is very cool but oddly energetic all the time 😅
Clara Brackett is one of a kind
by Dylandouglass January 14, 2021
An annoying person with bad hair and glasses. Thinks he can beat anyone in a fight. Idiot
David Bracketts an idiot.
by Randomdude1233 January 18, 2017
A unit of measurement for weight. 1 Brackett is roughly 12.5 lbs.
My buddy can bench press about 25 bracketts.
by You can call me daddy October 6, 2016
n. Person who spends his life developing strategies to solve complex fantasy-world puzzles while ignoring the real problems abounding on all sides.

If Kenney wasn’t such a bracketter he could have solved some of our problems by now.
by gnostic3 March 19, 2022