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Statistics say that they're one of the top schools in the state of Missouri, but there's really nothing special about it. Often called Park Hell there's generally something happening there, whether it be broken water mains that cause flooding, seasonal termite infestations, burning dust in the ventilation system that makes the fire alarms go off, someone dying, bat loose in the school, or a lockdown due to a fake color guard rifle covered in white tape. There's also a very friendly campus supervisor named Bob. He'll try his best to learn your name but he might not get it right, either way he always says it with absolute certainty.

WE ARE, PARK HILL (in a very raspy middle aged short man's voice)
First week of school at Park Hill High School

Person 1: How was the first week of school?
Park Hill Student: We had a lockdown, the fire alarms went off, and we had a bat loose in the school.
Person 1: A BAT?
Park Hill Student: Yeah, it's not a huge deal. It's Park Hell.
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by parkhillanonymous January 12, 2018
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