something that can make you,sad,angry,fustraded,tired,happy,gladand complete at the same time
I've got a boy
by o0o0*snuglove*0o0o July 07, 2003
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The male gender. The smartest human in the world, but also the dumbest. Females are just balanced. Humans have 2 hemispheres in the brain, girls use both hemishperes which makes them do multi-task things, men can use only one hemisphere more than the other, which makes them a deeper thinker (ever wonder why most philosiphers are men?).

There is a difference between a man and a boy.

BOYS= try to be "gangsta", takes pix of puckering their lips to try to be sexy, dogs the camera to look hard, follows INCENTIVES, gets into relationships for sex because they think its too hard to get girls and being single at the same time, boys who say they are men are jerks, but there are boys who are just boys because they're young.

MEN= treats women as god's creations, not as sex objects, sticks up for those who can't stick up for themselves, don't get into fight because somebody dogged them, don't get into fights because of stupid rumors, uses their strength to protect their wife and children, fights injustice and racism.

BOYS follow incentives.

If you date a boy while he's still a boy, guess what?
He'll stay a boy. This is because you REWARD HIM
before he has a chance to grow up.

BUT if you make a boy WAIT and become a MAN before
he can date you, this will eliminate the odds of you dating a jerk!
Believe it or NOT, guys who are made to WAIT are far more likely
to be faithful to you, than the average guy!
by deefrom619 April 04, 2006
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When a person do or say something stupid then another person points their hand towards them and says "boy"
Rey: *does a front flip but tripped over his own shoe string once he landed*

Jaylen: *points hand towards him* haha boy

Rey: *gets up humiliated but tries not to show it* boy shut yo ass up *walks away*
by bad biish February 17, 2017
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aka male, a man not grown up yet, and is in no relation with the devil,scum,punching bag,and anything else bad, if you mistreat a male, the male will mistreat you.
by penises rule my pussy July 31, 2003
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An objectified word for a boyfriend or male admirer. A boyfriend is a person; a boy is a commodity.

The focus of the context is almost always directed at how the speaker would or does benefit from the boy in an physical rather than an emotional sense.
"I want a backrub. I wish I had a boy to give me one."

"I've got a half dozen boys hanging around, so I know I'll -have- a date - but the guy I really want is Geoff. HOT!"
by KMLK November 13, 2005
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added at the end of certain words to give added emphasis. Does not denote gender in any way.
"funny boy" - when somethings amusing
"Mental boy" - indicates things are going well (6 Litres of White Lightening Cider for ยฃ2.99 at McColls the now - Menal Boy!"
"potent boy" - see potent
"Aww, better stay oot a the way of LAmond. He's on a bad boy the night." - To be on a bad boy is to be in a bad mood.
by anna apple October 12, 2003
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