a word used to celebrate a victory or something good
Max: Yo zack your gay you beat me
Zack: BOYS!
by Lokey May 4, 2005
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Mindless shells of bodies, with penis's for brains.
Girl 1: "Hey did Bob call you last night?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, but all I could hear was him fapping and saying 'I want you!!!'"
Girl 1: "Boys...LULWUT?!"
by Liopleurodon135 May 19, 2010
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You see those boys over there, no I just see a whole lot of disappointment .
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A homo sapien that is literally created to waste your fucking time.
Doesn't matter what boys say, they all the same homie.
by Keypop September 11, 2017
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Boys are stupid conceited assholes who like dumb sluts, don't realize the nice girls who aren't whores, are heartless, don't care about what they have till its gone, 99% of them don't know how to treat a girl and appreciate her, don't have manners respect or consideration, think they can play with a girl's heart, believe friends with benefits is a good idea, prefer friends with benefits because they don't have to care, reassures a girl that friends w. benefits will end well...even though the girl always gets hurt, are emotionless, move onto the next girl w.o a problem & all they want in life is vagina!
Melissa: why do boys suck so much?
Megan: cause its who they are, theres no way around it !
Melissa: tell me about they're just jerks
Megan: I knoo theyre stupid&a waste of time !
by FRECKLES 1&2 November 13, 2011
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Like "son" or "boy"... A tearm used for a close hommie or nigga.
Let's roll out boy boy...
by Killa Cam February 12, 2004
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