They make life so confusing, yet awesome and interesting
by #sexycookie February 9, 2017
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Childish human beings with the sperm count of an elephant that can’t keep his pants on
Boys stop fuckin in the petting zoo.
by Mydaddyisyou76 January 13, 2018
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One (somewhat obscure) usage of this word is to use it as a replacement for the noun in a sentence or a question.The noun could be money,drugs, a food item, or indeed anything.This usage is often only used between close groups of friends, as it can prove to be very confusing to the unenlightened listener.
"how many boys you got mattfest?"
"Ive got ten boys"
"Ive got plenty of boys for this weekend"
"aww never, Ive got no boys"
by pineapple joe January 9, 2009
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We use this term for police.
there dem boys again.
by Nick G November 3, 2003
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Some of the densest fuckers you will EVER meet.
Those boys back there couldnt take a hint! They must be blind.
by Zachhhh April 16, 2014
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an annoyingly frustrating creature, put on earth to drive girls out of their minds. They often tend to make no sense at all and contradict themselves; in both their words and actions.
look at any of the boys around you.
by vblover July 28, 2009
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