1. A person of the male gender
2. A girl's significant other
3. Dope
"Omg that there boy was totally selling boy to my boy!"
by Assmini June 10, 2006
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A guy who has never had sex. Once a boy has sex, he is a man and is no longer a boy.
Wow, that guy is such a dork, he'll probably be a boy until he's 25!
by A_Dude September 04, 2013
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a young male, normally quite funny, sarcastic, and has the best suppy of "sick" (sex related) jokes. Boys are simple just guys who are normally really cool to hang out with, this is of course before they change... some become a "man" (a word I hate, not what it means, the spelling) which is a boy who cares and is still fun. Others become a "pimp" or a boy who thinks that he is cool because he has lots of girls and lots of other who want him (pimps usually haven't been laid and love to talk about it like they get it every night). Also others become "jerks" who use girls/woman and have no regard to there feelings, often found saying "what did I do?!". Still others stay boys as the mature and I think these are the best type because they are not quite a serious as a "man", are not as cocky as a "pimp", and not nearly as mean as a "jerk". Thses kinds of boys are very hard to come by, luckly I have one friend just like that. Not my boyfriend, but one of my best friends Fruit Loops. Thanks for staying a boy....
1. That boy is way too caring, he must be a man.
2. That boy thinks he's pimpin' but he's never been laid.
3. That boys so mean, what a jerk he turned into!
4. That boy's just a boy and that's cool....
by Short Stuf July 14, 2004
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"hey whats up?" the boy
"oh nothing, how about you?" me
"bye"-the boy

"Are u ok?" A girlfriend
"Im ok..." in a sad voice.. a girl
"Can i no...??" A girlfriend.
"Its Complicated...." the girl.
"SO ITS ABOUT BOYS!!!!" the girlfriend says hahaha
by Audddrie and Hollland :) February 05, 2010
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Well-regarded, trusted friend
"You bailed me out, you my boy!"
by Minstrel March 05, 2003
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Our mind: Food food food sex food food food sex food food food....
food food food food food food food food food food food sex food.......
by Mike Butler August 31, 2003
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