A girl thirsty for cock and wants sex
"Mostly fuccbois' want sex, But girls are fuccgirls too!"
"She is just a boy-thirsty cunt!"
by Deepweb Hitman In Training August 9, 2017
A girl who is begging for a boy(s) attention. Does anything for them to notice her.
Did you see that girl? She’s so boy thirsty over Jayden.
by Jeffftthekillllerrr December 4, 2018
a popular gang in southern california; a rival to Members Only
Those thirsty boys are always gettin the poon and killin Members
by knowledgeman1231234 April 28, 2009
A phrase used to refer to a bathroom urinal, originally coined by a Twitter user when he called the urinal he was using a "thirsty boy" while in a conference call.
Just went for a piss while still wearing my microphone and the whole conference heard me call the urinal a "thirsty boy".
by Generic_Username March 3, 2017
It's 9 am so we left to go buy some thirsty bois because we're alcoholics.
by Thirsty boi September 14, 2017