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When one commits an evil act for its own sake. Similar to how Bowser always kidnaps the Princess Peach. He seems to enjoy the act of kidnapping her for its own sake. He never kidnaps her for any other reason than to do it.

Its common on message boards where a user knows that by posting something, several other people will get into a flame war with each other. When the user posts a picture of Bowser, only then do they understand the evil they've witnessed.

Its similar to trolling, but the person creating the conflict does not often take direct part in it, they are simply the source of it.Its more like instigation.
Person A: I still think Obama is a communist, but this argument has gone on long enough.
Person B: Yes, lets agree to disagree.

Instigator: Did you hear Obama passed a law that says we all have to share our money?

Person A: SEE???
Person B: That literally never happened!
Person A: Oh its so like you to make excuses for your Messiah!

Instigator: Posts picture of Bowser, indicating that they were bowsered
by ShinGouki4 August 16, 2013
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(Adj;Noun) discribes one who has been in a negative circumstance.
guy 1: "yo, she threw all your stuff in the garbage?"

guy 2: "yea man, she totaly Bowsered me."
by jack be nimble 1990 August 25, 2010
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