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The coolest fighters and pizannos in Mushroom Kingdom. Both are skilled, competitive fighters. Neither are neglected.
Look and Mario and Luigi Go!
Whoa Mario is fat, Luigi is Tall! But who cares?
oh no gurl, its a meee a mario, its a meee a luigi!
by Stesandra April 15, 2004
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Code for ; Shroom- cap (Mario) and stem(Luigi).
" Dude, did you eat Mario and Luigi, ohh dude you're gonna be trippin' balls. "
by B-Nutty April 13, 2010
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A tandem sex move where both partners finger eachothers anal cavity then together wipe fecal particles on their partners upper lip resulting in mutual shit stashes.
Unbenounced, Barb snuck in a Dirty Sanchez, so I returned the favor and supersized to a Mario and Luigi...
by PennoG April 20, 2018
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