An affectionate and playful term for Boudoir photography that comes from combining "booty" and "boudoir".
I scheduled my first boudoir session, it's exciting to be a badass boudie babe!
by Balsimar March 23, 2021
pronounced BOW tee. 1. cool or badass, tight 2. exceptionally unusual
That party was boudy
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
Endearing term (in Bengali) used to address a married woman. By strict definition, it is used to address your older brother's wife. However, you can use it to refer to any married woman you respect.
Boudi: You didn't eat anything. You need to take more rice and chicken.
Random Person: No Boudi, I already ate a lot. I can't eat anymore.
by RandomDictator November 27, 2019
Boudi is a bengali term , means married women having only one or two child and always wear saree . Boudi has to be a sexy woman with natural boobs and nice huge booty . Just like a sex bomb . Everyone want to have her on bed .
by boudiLover August 16, 2018
A man who is very compassionate to his friends who is very hot and has a big booty and all the girls like him
Boudi walks through the streets and everyone stares
by vefqca March 15, 2017
A boudi is the absolute most amazing people to ever grace the earth and should be treasured and treated like royality
Bow down to Boudi
We are not worthy of Boudi
by Boudeh October 9, 2019
Short for "about his/hers' business" - on the ball.
That bro takes care of his sh_t - he's boudy.
by JoeShmoe January 11, 2006