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Someone who is not naturally blonde but rather uses a hair-dye to create the appearance of being blonde. Bottle Blonde's normally have nasty black re-growth which they seem to think looks chic.
You can spot a bottle blonde a mile away
by Dani November 25, 2004
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Bottle-blonde is a person (usually a female) who is not naturally a blonde.
Usually derogatory.
It was obvious when I laid eyes on her that she was a bottle-blonde.
by Smokey March 03, 2005
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A name usually used in a derogatory manner towards someone with unnaturally blonde hair.

Mostly used by people jealous of said "bottle blondes"... these people are occasionally "bottle blacks" (people with unnaturally black hair) and sometimes classified as emo.
girl: that bitch is such a bottle blonde! and her boobs are totally fake. anyway, i gotta go dye my hair jet black again.
by Steferrknee January 28, 2006
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Someone (usually female) that dyes their hair blonde.
“She’s a bottle blonde!”
“Yeah, and dyeing your hair another color besides your natural color is OKAY! And by the way, the ‘nasty black regrowth’ is actually in right now, so fuck you, haters!”
by em123456789101112 February 09, 2018
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A woman who dyes her hair blonde and thinks guys are stupid enough to think its real.

Here is a easy way to tell a real blond from fake: Look at the eyebrows!

WARNING!!! Avoid bottle blonds because if you last more than 10 years with them there hair will fall out from peroxide poisoning!
Wow nice blonde hair, only problem, you have brown eyebrows!

Stupid bottle blonde
by TomTheHoff June 20, 2009
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