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Botan is a character from the anime YuYu Hakusho. She is the "Grim Reaper" of the show; ferrywoman of the River Styx.
Botan... eheh... bishoujo... >>
by Shouryu April 21, 2004
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Russian ÁÎÒÀÍ. The first vowel is accented. The word means an excellent pupil or student who spents all his time learning and reading books and, therefore, can't get on with another guys and can't pick up with some girl.
Word "botan" has pejorative connotation.
It's mainly refers to male and implies that someone who is called so lacks in manhood and manliness.
The word is commonplace in russian student's conversations, talks.
- He talks constantly about making love with his girlfriend.
- Waffle! He's botan. He should make love with rag doll, not with girl. Nobody likes him.
by Ilya Kyzminov January 28, 2008
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