When someone falls asleep first during a sleepover,the rest of the group go up to the lightweight and commence teabagging him/her
Mikey: gokul went upstairs to sleep in the living room, you know what that means? Josh: Yea who's up for a Boston Tea Party guys?
by superjosh! February 27, 2011
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A group 3 or more people who engage in dumping "Iced Tea" on each other's chests. This practice is similar to crapping on one's ches
The other day Nate and Brent asked Lindsay to come over for a Boston Tea Party. One of them messed it up by eating corn the day before.
by Sharts August 31, 2007
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when a young female is laying on a surface, preferrably a bed, opens her mouth and the male proceeds to urinate in her mouth. then, the male sticks his ballsack in her mouth and dips them in the urine. Finally, he uses his testicles as a paint brush and paints the womans face like that of the traditional Native American. Thus, we have the Boston Tea Party.
"Stacy is crazy. Last night she let me give her a Boston Tea Party."
by Matty Scals October 20, 2007
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A way to remember the actual Boston Tea Party that is held before you and your girlfriend are about to engage in sexual activity. While your girlfriend is waiting for you on the bed, you quickly jump on the bed and throw her off the "boat" (or bed in this case) like a box of tea.
"Michelle and I were about to do it but we had a Boston Tea Party and she ended up breaking her wrist from the fall"
by WetJet September 28, 2009
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The act of ejaculating collectively into a single asshole and then inserting a tea bag begins to brew a pot of cold tea.
Shawn invited Todd over so we could all have a Boston Teaparty
by M1SF1T November 09, 2017
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The act of giving multiple tea bags to a drunk or unsuspectioning individual.
Last night Joey got drunk again. So for a joke me and 8 of my friends took turns in a massive boston tea party.
by smokes.int July 10, 2008
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A Gathering in which a group of people Tea Bag one person. A gangbang specializing in The hanging of testicales over ones face.
For not having testicles of her own, Janet compensated by having John, James, Rick, and Daniel hang all over her face.
by Nick December 20, 2004
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