A drunk man having a good time dining with a sober girl and then after he was done eating she dashes out.
Bos drinking one night met this girl and dined with her in his room and then 10 minutes later she dashed.

Dine and Dash you got BOSSED
by Burr13 October 14, 2009
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when a guy gets a boner as soon as he sees a girl, usually a fine ass girl will give you a bos.
Damn dude i saw this blonde the other day, huge tits, tight ass, she gave me a bos.
by jayunit December 28, 2005
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stands for Balls of steel , is used when someone does something that takes a lot of balls. so you you give them their props. is a compliment given to a true badass
dude 1-- " oh man i cant belive she just did that shes crazy!"

dude 2-- "i know man shes got some B.O.S.!"
by yellowseven365dude April 11, 2012
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BOS is the airport code for Boston Logan International Airport, located in East Boston, Massachusetts.
Person 1: I am going on a trip.
Person 2: Where?
Person 1: I'm flying out of BOS and going to PDX.
by jonc1996 August 18, 2012
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verb. to apply bos to something.
"oh man, tina got bos'd all night."

"watch out, if he goes in there he's going to bos the toilet."

"there's more than one way to bos a cat."
by jamie April 27, 2004
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brushes off shoulder or brushing off my shoulder; used when you want a cocky way of saying thank you
jordan: dawg, you are so good at being cool
kim: b.o.s.
by Kimburrlee May 11, 2008
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