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Full name: Super Crazy Task Force Boredomers

A story created by Undrave about a team of warriors based on the Super Sentai/Power Rangers series. The goal of these warriors is to protect the House of Boredom from the evil Negavadian empire. The team currently consists of eight residents of the House of Boredom, each of them crazy in their own way.

Lord Kuroishi = BoreRed
Undrave = BoreBlue
Nami = BoreWhite
JoeStrummer = BoreBlack
Kochou~no~Hime = BoreGreen
Foofaraw = BoreYellow
demon_puppet = BorePurple
sango200037 = BorePink
Although some of the characters in the story are protrayed differently from their real life counterparts, the Boredomers fic is still fun to read.
by Lord Kuroishi April 08, 2005
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