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The highly sought after response to a meaningless question to prove that your boy/girlfriend really is paying no attention to you. "Bopples" can only be used when the unfocused individual answers with "what?". Used in relationships to maintain focus on inter-communication.
Boyfriend is sitting on the couch, watching THE football game on Sunday afternoon.

Girlfriend: "Sweetheart, did you hear what President Bush said about sweet potatoes and fishing lures being used to perform open heart surgery?"

Boyfriend, not even hearing a word: "What?"

Girlfriend gets the Bopples

Running score required.
by kess876 November 03, 2007
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To act crazily or fanatically, with no reasonable explanation.
The rabid kangaroo boppled about, spontaneously hopping and kicking the dusty Outback.
by JoNasty April 10, 2013
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