Nickname for a younger sibling; pioneered by toddlers, consequently the meaning and origin are unknown
by 2136717 August 18, 2010
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BOOSY; a term used to describe a man that is used for enjoyment; a combination of the words "boo" and "easy" making the term "boosy"; 1.Used to refer to a sexy man, or possibly, any man in general if one prefers any male that walks on two l...egs; 2.also known as a man of low worth but who takes pleasure in making a female happy; 3.a man or men (boosies) who may be under a woman's word; 4.a woman's bitch; 5.a man that is treated with some respect but can be easily dropped at any moment; often used to confuse a man unknowing of the terms definition.
Example; 1. Goin to the mall with a boosy
2. This boosy thinks he means something
3. Dont worry, i'll call a lil boosy to help me out
by bkrikea December 27, 2011
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Boosie: to be wack or fake as a person
You a boosie ass nigga
by The great b March 19, 2014
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A description of someone who is not cool to be around;annoying
"Yall wanna go to this party?"
"Yall bein' boosie!"
by Dommini March 4, 2005
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refers to something wack; out of the ordinary; weak.
" man u hella boosie for that"
"man my girlfriend actin hella boosie right now"
"man the police is hella boosie"
by dumassdub May 21, 2010
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its boosie badd asz imma red bone lover.!
by shakeke September 23, 2010
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