A relatively cheap alcoholic beverage. Popular among college students. Comes in a suprising variety of fruity flavors.
Boone's Farm-- Drink of choice for 14 year olds and prostitutes.
by Brew Boones October 8, 2006
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A delicious wine,that is both extremely affordable and available at pretty much any establishment that sells liquor.
Dave: I wanna get my drink on but i spent all my money on this quarter.

John:Well i heard they have Boone's Farm 2 for $5 down at the ghetto mart

Dave:And so our journey begins....
by sir.davey February 4, 2011
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Nectar of the Gods. The official beverage of Odin and Crew.

Hera and Aphrodite guzzle this stuff and then go have orgies with their brothers.

This stuff has started wars and ended civilizations (just ask the Sumerians).

In summation: Cheap and Good. Fruiter than Richard Simmons, but a lot more fun. The best wine on this planet.....
Thor and Freya were chillin' one night. Freya tried to take the last sip of Boones Farm. Thor zapped her ass with a thunderbolt. Why????? 'Cause Boones Farm is worth killing for.
by OrangeCrush October 23, 2005
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Drinking very cheap - usually with little or no shame. Person doesn't necessarily have to drink Boone's Farm to be accused of the act of "Boone's Farming"
1. Did you see Reggie 'Boone's Farming' at the bar? He must be broke or depressed.

2. I'm going Boone's Farming tonight. I need to get drunk - quick
by April Johnson-Clark March 14, 2008
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The best wine ever. I don't care what you wine snob fucks wanna say about it, all I know is that Boones tatse awesome and all that Nappa Valley shit is bitter as fuck.
Come down to my house man, I got enough wine to stay drunk all weekend.

Nah, dude, I hate wine.

It's Boone's Farm, nigga!

I'm there!
by Jack Diesal April 18, 2005
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A cheap brand of wine that homophobes/racists/college kids like to define on urban dictionary.
I happened to see a couple definitions of boones farm on urban dictionary and all of them seemed to have been written by either a racist, a homophobe, or a college kid. I couldn't decide who was worse.
by OMGWTFBBW August 22, 2014
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A tasy wine mainly used to pregame with by young gay college boys. This wine is sweet, fruity, and can totally fuck u up. The reason behind its strong effect on people is its taste and the fastness of how ppl drink it.
Luke thought that Boones Farm was liguid smarties and now after three bottles hes in the dorm bathroom making a not so happy sound.

Yay! gay night in the dorms!! Bring the boones farm its thirsty thursday. :) cheers queers
by I'm Mark James October 13, 2005
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