When a man dry humps a woman and some how cums in his pants. The woman however may not know that he has done so.
Hey, I BOONED that girl last night.

That girl didn't know I BOONED on her.

Man, I BOONED that girl hard.
by RedStar Mafia Army December 1, 2009
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A town in "The High Country" of North Carolina, commonly reefered to as "THC". Home of Appalachain State University where trustafarians, incredible ganja and an inherent affinty for alcohol come together to form something that doesn't exist anywhere else on the east coast. And did I mention that the ganja is incredible...
I don't really remember that party in Boone....

*cough* *cough*
by robkeyzclimb April 28, 2005
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The boon is the first stage in which too much self pride and selfishness devour the hearts of a female. This is only the case for the less attractive ones where they believe they are sexy but are actually quite atrocious.
These boons scare me.
The boon thinks she cute? Nastyyy!!!
by Weaboo kun June 14, 2018
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"The Boone has the best ranch dressing ever!"

"Ranch? It's russian stupid!"
by Jeffff! March 24, 2006
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Possibly the best sandwich ever created. First made at Se-Port Deli on Long Island.
Chicken cutlet, melted american cheese, ranch dressing, and bacon on a poppyseed bun.
"Hey Alec, Did you hear that joe just had the boone? It was his first one!"
"Did he like it?"
"He did a handstand he liked it so much!!"
by Jeffff! October 1, 2005
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It was actually pitched to the deli as an idea for a sandwich by Ed O'Neill, the actor that played Al on Married with Children
The Boone is a fuckin awesome sandwich
by Bertha Nuckfudder July 30, 2009
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